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Klaveness Marine is a Norwegian Family owned investment company with industrial and financial investments and a total portfolio of MUSD 530.

The industrial investments include direct and active ownership of companies within the shipping & offshore, real estate & cleantech sectors.

The financial investments are within a broad range of asset classes.

Klaveness Marine is wholly owned by Tom Erik Klaveness, Karianne Klaveness Holmen and Kristine Klaveness.


Shipping & Offshore

The Shipping & Offshore team is responsible for the Group's investment portfolio within shipping and offshore.


Real Estate

Klaveness Marine Real Estate is responsible for the Group's real estate investments.

Energy & Cleantech

Energy & Cleantech

The Energy & CleanTech team is responsible for the Group's direct investments in technology firms within energy and cleantech as well as commitments in Private Equity funds.



The Treasury department manages the two financial portfolios and is responsible for Group financing, risk management and macro and markets analysis.